VOLUME ONE (2012-2014)     VOLUME TWO (2015-)

PATIENCE WHITE - A young accountant finds herself pregnant after a one night stand. Initially hasty and somewhat ashamed about her decision to abort, she becomes emotional as the process forces her to think about her situation.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
04-02-2012Patience, Ellie, (cameo: Aaron)
04-03-2012Star, Jennifer
04-04-2012Patience, Ellie
04-05-2012Philip, Jennifer, Star
04-06-2012Mary, Patience
04-09-2012Patience, Mary
04-10-2012Aaron, Jennifer
04-11-2012Philip, Ellie
04-12-2012Mary, Patience
04-13-2012Jennifer, Dr. Gregory, (cameo: Pete)
04-16-2012Dr. Gregory, Jennifer
04-17-2012Star, Mary
04-18-2012Ellie, Luke
04-19-2012Jennifer, Ellie
04-20-2012Dr. Gregory, Patience
04-23-2012Ellie, Aaron
04-24-2012Jennifer, Philip
04-25-2012Aaron, Star
04-26-2012Dr. Gregory, Patience
04-27-2012Jennifer, Mary
04-30-2012Mary, Jennifer
05-01-2012Star, Ellie
05-02-2012Mary, Jennifer
05-03-2012Aaron, Ellie, Star
05-04-2012Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, Patience
05-07-2012Jennifer, Patience
05-08-2012Aaron, Star
05-09-2012Ellie, Dr. Gregory
05-10-2012Aaron, Star
05-11-2012Jennifer, Patience, Philip
05-14-2012Star, Jennifer
05-15-2012Dr. Gregory, Ellie, Aaron
05-16-2012Jennifer, Philip
05-17-2012Jennifer, Patience
05-18-2012Jennifer, Luke

ONE-OFFS #1 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-21-2012Jennifer, Luke McGill
05-22-2012Mary (cameo: Fr. Dante)
05-24-2012The Terminator, Star, Aaron
05-25-2012Dr. Gregory, Jennifer

BRIANNA AND STEVE NOLAN - Two parents with an unconvential marital arrangement visit the clinic after misidentifying an abnormal menstrual cycle as the onset of menopause and failing to use birth control. Personally requesting Star as their doctor, Star fights to remain professional despite the couple's confrontational attitudes. Jennifer hires an OB/GYN and her mother begins going to therapy sessions while Philip attends his nephew's birthday party.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-28-2012Jennifer, Dr. Bryce
05-29-2012Mary, Ellie
05-30-2012Dr. Bryce, Jennifer
05-31-2012Star, Ellie
06-01-2012Dr. Bryce, Jennifer
06-04-2012Aaron, Dr. Gregory
06-05-2012Aaron, Jennifer, Star
06-06-2012Philip, Amanda, Scotty
06-07-2012Aaron, Ellie
06-08-2012Luke, Lillian, Steve, Brianna
06-11-2012Brianna, Lillian, Jennifer, Steve, Ellie
06-12-2012Joanna, Philip, Amanda, (cameo: Eddie), (cameo: Scotty)
06-13-2012Star, Lillian, Jennifer
06-14-2012Joanna, Philip, Eddie, Amanda
06-15-2012Steve, Star, Brianna
06-18-2012Jennifer, Lillian, Mary
06-19-2012Star, Brianna
06-20-2012Ellie, Aaron
06-21-2012Steve, Star
06-22-2012Lillian, Mary
06-25-2012Jennifer, Dr. Gregory
06-26-2012Philip, Amanda
06-27-2012Jennifer, Dr. Gregory, Lillian, Mary
06-28-2012Steve, Star
06-29-2012Lillian, Ellie
07-02-2012Lillian, Jennifer
07-03-2012Brianna, Star
07-04-2012Jennifer, Mary, Ellie
07-05-2012Amanda, Scotty, Philip
07-06-2012Jennifer, Luke, Aaron
07-09-2012Ellie, Aaron
07-10-2012Mary, Dr. Gregory, Jennifer
07-11-2012Steve, Star
07-12-2012Aaron, Ellie
07-13-2012Luke, Jennifer, Lillian

ONE-OFFS #2 - A series of one-off strips between storylines, including a guest art from Amanda Zito of Blind Thistle.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-16-2012Ellie, (cameo: Sophie)
07-17-2012Jennifer, Philip
07-18-2012Guest Comic by Amanda Zito
07-19-2012Dr. Gregory, Mary
07-20-2012Star, Neil, Aaron

MEGAN HOLLIS - A woman visits the clinic seeking confidentiality about informing anyone of her situation while Jennifer revisits the circumstances that led to her own pregnancy and Star pries into the private lives of the rest of the staff.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-23-2012Flashback: Jennifer, Luke, Lillian, (cameo: Philip)
07-24-2012Flashback: "Guy," Jennifer
07-25-2012Flashback: "Guy," Jennifer
07-26-2012Flashback: Jennifer, "Guy"
07-27-2012Flashback: Jennifer, "Guy," NOT-Sophie, (cameo: Lillian)
07-30-2012Dr. Bryce, Jennifer
07-31-2012Megan, Ellie
08-01-2012Jennifer, Philip
08-02-2012Star, Mary
08-03-2012Ellie, Aaron
08-06-2012Star, Aaron
08-07-2012Megan, Mary
08-08-2012Jennifer, Philip
08-09-2012Mary, Megan
08-10-2012Star, Dr. Gregory
08-13-2012Star, Dr. Gregory
08-14-2012Megan, Jennifer
08-15-2012Star, Ellie, Aaron
08-16-2012Dr. Gregory, Megan
08-17-2012Philip, Jennifer
08-20-2012Jennifer, Philip, "Woman," "Baby"
08-21-2012Aaron, Ellie
08-22-2012Jennifer, "Woman," "Baby" (cameo: "Guy")
08-23-2012Dr. Gregory, Mary
08-24-2012"Woman," Jennifer, "Baby"
08-27-2012Jennifer, Philip
08-28-2012Ellie, Star, Aaron
08-29-2012Philip, Jennifer
08-30-2012Star, Aaron, Ellie
08-31-2012Megan, Jennifer

ONE-OFFS #3 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
09-03-2012Star, Mary
09-04-2012Sophie, Ellie
09-05-2012Luke, Jennifer, Lillian
09-06-2012Dr. Gregory, Star
09-07-2012Aaron, Philip

KRISTEN TANAKA - An abused teenager seeks help making a decision on her own regarding her pregnancy. Dr. Gregory attends a medical conference. And as Jennifer and her mother try to widen their difficulties with communication, Ellie's relationships with Aaron and Star become more complicated.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
09-10-2012Mary, Lillian
09-11-2012Dr. Gregory, Doctor
09-12-2012Ellie, Aaron
09-13-2012Jennifer, Lillian
09-14-2012Ellie, Kristen
09-17-2012Kristen, Mary
09-18-2012Philip, Dr. Gregory, Star
09-19-2012Jennifer, Lillian
09-20-2012Aaron, Star
09-21-2012Mary, Kristen
09-24-2012Mary, Kristen
09-25-2012Star, Ellie
09-26-2012Mary, Kristen
09-27-2012Star, Dr. Gregory
09-28-2012Aaron, Philip
10-01-2012Philip, Ellie
10-02-2012Jennifer, Lillian, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nick)
10-03-2012Kristen, Star
10-04-2012Dr. Gregory, Cheryl
10-05-2012Star, Kristen
10-08-2012Star, Mary
10-09-2012Lillian, Jennifer
10-10-2012Philip, Star
10-11-2012Aaron, Ellie
10-12-2012Mary, Kristen
10-15-2012Kristen, Ellie
10-16-2012Star, Aaron
10-17-2012Dr. Gregory, Philip
10-18-2012Kristen, Glen, Star
10-19-2012Lillian, Mary

THE MS. ADVENTURES OF HENNIFER McQUILL - A week of comics featuring a farm raised chicken and her complex relationship with reproductive rights issues.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
10-26-2012Hennifer, (cameo: Nora)

CORA AND LUCAS NIXON - A pregnant young mother with limited finances visits the clinic with her young son in the hopes of aborting her most recent pregnancy before her financial burdens become too great. Meanwhile, Dr. Gregory's mismanagement of the clinic's own finances becomes a concern of Philip, and many members of the staff confront their aptitude regarding parenthood in part due to Cora's son, Lucas, as well as other factors.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
10-30-2012Ellie, Aaron, Star
10-31-2012Theresa, Jennifer
11-01-2012Vanessa, Dr. Gregory
11-02-2012Jennifer, Lillian
11-05-2012Philip, Ellie, Mary
11-06-2012Jennifer, Cora, Lucas, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nora), (cameo: Nick)
11-07-2012Mary, Philip
11-08-2012Cora, Ellie, Lucas
11-09-2012Aaron, Mary, Jennifer, Dr. Gregory, Philip
11-12-2012Dr. Gregory, Philip, Jennifer
11-13-2012Cora, Ellie, Lucas
11-14-2012Star, Aaron, Jennifer
11-15-2012Ellie, Dr. Gregory
11-16-2012Jennifer, Mary, Ellie
11-19-2012Cora, Mary
11-20-2012Ellie, Lucas
11-21-2012Star, Aaron
11-22-2012Ellie, Jennifer, Lucas
11-23-2012Dr. Gregory, Cora
11-26-2012Jennifer, Ellie, Lucas, Aaron
11-27-2012Mary, Lillian
11-28-2012Aaron, Ellie
11-29-2012Star, Jennifer
11-30-2012Philip, Dr. Gregory, Cora
12-03-2012Cora, Dr. Gregory
12-04-2012Philip, Star
12-05-2012Jennifer, Lillian
12-06-2012Ellie, Aaron
12-07-2012Jennifer, Theresa

ONE-OFFS #4 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
12-10-2012Lillian, Luke
12-11-2012Star, Dr. Gregory
12-12-2012Mary, Fr. Dante
12-13-2012Jennifer, Philip
12-14-2012Ellie, Sophie

STEPHANIE DUGAN AND ROB MAYWEATHER - A woman who experienced a previous abortion discovers her past procedure has implications for her future forcing her to examine her relationship with her current boyfriend. The situation strikes Jennifer personally as Star struggles to admit her own insecurities about fertility and Philip pressures Gregory towards hiring an accountant. Ellie struggles with Rob's behavior and her feelings on deciding to leave the clinic.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
12-17-2012Rob, Pete, Stephanie, (cameo: Nick)
12-18-2012Ellie, Dr. Gregory
12-19-2012Mary, Jennifer, Star
12-20-2012Philip, Dr. Gregory
12-21-2012Star, Mary, Jennifer, Pete, Nick
12-24-2012Rob, Stephanie, Ellie
12-25-2012Jennifer, Philip
12-26-2012Ellie, Aaron
12-27-2012Stephanie, Mary
12-28-2012Aaron, Pete
12-31-2012Mary, Stephanie
01-01-2013Star, Philip
01-02-2013Ellie, Rob
01-03-2013Philip, Dr. Gregory
01-04-2013Stephanie, Jennifer
01-07-2013Jennifer, Lillian
01-08-2013Star, Mary
01-09-2013Jennifer, Philip
01-10-2013Rob, Stephanie
01-11-2013Jennifer, Star
01-14-2013Jennifer, Star
01-15-2013Dr. Gregory, Philip
01-16-2013Star, Jennifer
01-17-2013Ellie, Aaron
01-18-2013Jennifer, Lillian
01-21-2013Rob, Stephanie, Aaron, Ellie, (cameo: Pete)
01-22-2013Philip, Jennifer
01-23-2013Rob, Ellie
01-24-2013Jennifer, Star, Mary
01-25-2013Dr. Gregory, Stephanie

ONE-OFFS #5 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
01-28-2013Nora, Star, Aaron
01-29-2013Jennifer, Dr. Bryce
01-30-2013Philip, Dr. Gregory, Star, Mary
01-31-2013Sophie, Ellie, Rob
02-01-2013Jennifer, Mary

LINDSAY SEARS - A woman with dwarfism visits the clinic seeking an abortion while Ellie celebrates her last day with little fanfare at the clinic, and hears a surprising revelation from Sophie. Dr. Gregory hires an accountant as Philip and Jennifer try to turn their attention to each other, but Jennifer's living situation with Mary creates conflict. Star has a chance encounter with an ex-girlfriend.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
02-04-2013Jennifer, Mary
01-05-2013Sophie, Ellie
01-06-2013Star, Jennifer
01-07-2013Philip, Dr. Gregory
02-08-2013Ellie, Lindsay, (cameo: Aaron)
02-11-2013Star, Gym Employee
02-12-2013Ellie, Lindsay
02-13-2013Jennifer, Lillian
02-14-2013Ellie, Aaron
02-15-2013Lillian, Mary
02-18-2013Philip, Dr. Gregory
02-19-2013Jennifer, Mary
02-20-2013Philip, Aaron
02-21-2013Lindsay, Mary
02-22-2013Val, Star
02-25-2013Jennifer, Philip
02-26-2013Val, Star
02-27-2013Mary, Lindsay
02-28-2013Aaron, Ellie
03-01-2013Philip, Dr. Gregory
03-04-2013Sophie, Ellie, Waiter
03-05-2013Mary, Jennifer, Gabe, Maggie
03-06-2013Star, Val's Boyfriend
03-07-2013Ellie, Lindsay, Waiter
03-08-2013Jennifer, Mary
03-11-2013Star, Val's Boyfriend
03-12-2013Jennifer, Mary
03-13-2013Sophie, Ellie
03-14-2013Jennifer, Philip, Dr. Gregory, Patience
03-15-2013Mary, Gabe, Maggie, Lindsay, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nora)

ONE-OFFS #6 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
03-18-2013Aaron, Patience
03-19-2013Star, Jennifer
03-20-2013Ellie, Sophie, (cameo: Dr. Gregory)
03-21-2013Patience, Jennifer
03-22-2013Fr. Dante, Mary

NINA KAPOOR - A fourteen-year-old seeks an abortion without informing her parents as Star tries to enlist the help of an overwhelmed Ellie to organize a rally in reaction to the growing number of protestors. Patience makes clear her attraction to Philip, causing him and Jennifer to evaluate their relationship.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
03-25-2012Patience, Philip, Pete, Gabe, Maggie
03-26-2013Star, Aaron, Ellie, (cameo: Rob)
03-27-2013Dr. Gregory, Gabe, Maggie, (cameo: Pete)
03-28-2013Ellie, Rob
03-29-2013Gabe, Maggie, Nina, Aaron, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nick), (cameo: Nora)
04-02-2013Aaron, Nina
04-03-2013Star, Dr. Gregory, (cameo: Val)
04-04-2013Jennifer, Mary
04-05-2013Patience, Philip
04-08-2013Star, Patience
04-09-2013Mary, Nina
04-10-2013Jennifer, Lillian, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Gabe), (cameo: Maggie)
04-11-2013Star, Ellie
04-12-2013Mary, Nina
04-15-2013Dr. Gregory, Nina
04-16-2013Jennifer, Philip
04-17-2013Star, Aaron, Ellie, (cameo: Sophie)
04-18-2013Dr. Gregory, Nina
04-19-2013Ellie, Rob, Clerk 1, Clerk who isn't Samantha
04-23-2013Patience, Aaron
04-24-2013Ellie, Rob
04-25-2013Jennifer, Mary, (cameo: Lillian)
04-26-2013Ellie, Rob
04-29-2013Star, Ellie
04-30-2013Jennifer, Philip
05-01-2013Patience, Mary
05-02-2013Star, Dr. Gregory
05-03-2013Nina, Aaron, (cameo: Pete)
05-06-2013Nina, Dr. Gregory
05-07-2013Philip, Patience
05-08-2013Nina, Jim, John, Jack, Jake
05-09-2013Sophie, Ellie
05-10-2013Jennifer, Lillian

ONE-OFFS #7 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-13-2013Jennifer, Mary
05-14-2013Star, Aaron, Ellie
05-15-2013Patience, Philip
05-16-2013Ellie, Sophie
05-17-2013Jennifer, Luke

SISTER CATHERINE GORDON - Members of the congregation of the church Mary attended visit her to have her perform an abortion while Star participates in the rally she planned with Ellie. Meanwhile Patience tries to advance her relationship with Philip despite some of his concerns and resistance.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-21-2013Jennifer, Theresa
05-22-2013Sophie, Aaron, Ellie, Star
05-23-2013Jennifer, Theresa, Lillian, Philip
05-24-2013Mary, Fr. Dante, Sr. Catherine
05-27-2013Mary, Fr. Dante, Sr. Catherine
05-28-2013Sophie, Ellie
05-29-2013Mary, Sr. Catherine, (cameo: Fr. Dante)
05-30-2013Sophie, Ellie
05-31-2013Star, Aaron, Patience, Jennifer
06-03-2013Star, Dr. Gregory
06-04-2013Philip, Amanda
06-05-2013Sophie, Ellie
06-06-2013Mary, Fr. Dante, Sr. Catherine, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Sophie)
06-07-2013Gabe, Star, Sophie, Maggie, Pete
06-10-2013Aaron, Ellie
06-11-2013Sr. Catherine, Mary
06-12-2013Amanda, Philip, Aaron, Ellie
06-13-2013Jennifer, Sr. Catherine, Star, (cameo: Sophie), (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Gabe), (cameo: Maggie)
06-14-2013Fr. Dante, Patience
06-17-2013Patience, Philip
06-18-2013Jennifer, Sr. Catherine
06-19-2013Star, Sophie, Ellie, Aaron
06-20-2013Fr. Dante, Sr. Catherine
06-21-2013Patience, Philip
06-24-2013Mary, Maggie, (cameo: Pete)
06-25-2013Star, Aaron
06-26-2013Sr. Catherine, Jennifer
06-27-2013Dr. Gregory, Star
06-28-2013Philip, Patience
07-01-2013Star, Mary, Lynn, Aaron
07-02-2013Philip, Patience, Melanie
07-03-2013Jennifer, Fred, (cameo: Sr. Catherine)
07-04-2013Star, Kyra, Sebastian, (cameo: Mary)
07-05-2013Patience, Philip, Grant
07-08-2013Jennifer, Sr. Catherine
07-09-2013Philip, Patience
07-10-2013Fr. Dante, Sr. Catherine
07-11-2013Aaron, Ellie
07-12-2013Jennifer, Theresa

ONE-OFFS #8 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-15-2013Star, Mary
07-16-2013Scotty, Philip, Pilot, Helipad Owner, Stowaway
07-17-2013Gabe, Mary, Fr. Dante
07-18-2013Sophie, Ellie, (cameo: Alex)
07-19-2013Jennifer, Lillian

PAMELA CAHILL - Sophie gets herself tested for sexually transmitted infections and encounters a woman seeking an abortion after being raped. Patience and Philip continue their conversation over how to proceed with their relationship as Ellie and Aaron try to detemine how to start theirs. Jennifer also seeks advice to prepare for the late stages of her pregnancy including maternity leave and finding an adoptive family.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-22-2013Mary, Star
07-23-2013Ellie, Aaron, Sophie
07-24-2013Jennifer, Dr. Gregory
07-25-2013Star, Mary
07-26-2013Ellie, Sophie, Pam, (cameo: Aaron)
07-29-2013Philip, Patience
07-30-2013Sophie, Pam
07-31-2013Star, Aaron
08-01-2013Dr. Gregory, Jennifer
08-02-2013Luke, Lillian
08-05-2013Sophie, Pam
08-06-2013Philip, Patience, Jennifer
08-07-2013Sophie, Dr. Gregory
08-08-2013Mary, Pam
08-09-2013Aaron, Star, (cameo: Ellie)
08-12-2013Mary, Pam
08-13-2013Jennifer, Patience
08-14-2013Dr. Gregory, Sophie
08-15-2013Pam, Mary, Star
08-16-2013Patience, Jennifer
08-19-2013Pam, Star
08-20-2013Jennifer, Lillian
08-21-2013Sophie, Dr. Gregory
08-22-2013Philip, Patience
08-23-2013Pam, Star
08-27-2013Patience, Philip
08-28-2013Sophie, Dr. Gregory, Pam, Star
08-29-2013Jennifer, Dr. Gregory
08-30-2013Star, Sophie, Pam, Ellie, Aaron
09-02-2013Star, Sophie
09-03-2013Jennifer, Lillian
09-04-2013Sophie, Ellie, Aaron, Star
09-05-2013Pam, Creepy Clerk
09-06-2013Aaron, Ellie
09-09-2013Patience, Philip
09-10-2013Pam, Violet
09-11-2013Ellie, Aaron
09-12-2013Philip, Patience, (cameo: Aaron)
09-13-2013Jennifer, Lillian, Pam
09-16-2013Star, Aaron, Maggie, Mary, (cameo: Nora), (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nick)
09-17-2013Philip, Jennifer
09-18-2013Mary, Aaron
09-19-2013Sophie, Pam
09-20-2013Aaron, Mary
09-23-2013Aaron, Mary
09-24-2013Jennifer, Patience
09-25-2013Star, Pam, (cameo: Philip)
09-26-2013Sophie, Dr. Gregory
09-27-2013Patience, Philip
09-30-2013Star, Mary, (cameo: Nick), (cameo: Glen)
10-01-2013Jennifer, Dr. Gregory, Sophie, Philip, Patience
10-02-2013Mary, Star
10-03-2013Aaron, Ellie
10-04-2013Star, Mary, Glen

THE MS. ADVENTURES OF HENNIFER McQUILL: PART DEUX - A week of comics featuring a farm raised chicken and her complex relationship with reproductive rights issues.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
10-07-2013"Nora," "Nick," "Maggie," Hennifer
10-08-2012Hennifer, Farmer, Farmer's Wife
10-09-2012Hennifer, "Nora," (cameo: Cock)
10-10-2012Hennifer, Cock, (cameo: Farmer)
10-11-2012Hennifer, "Nora," "Maggie," "Nick," "Patience"

MARGOT NELSON AND KEN DAWLEY - In the aftermath of the shooting at the clinic, Mary finds comfort from a protestor as the rest of the staff rush to the hospital to be with Star. Still trying to figure out his relationship with Ellie, Aaron blames himself for Star's injury amid familial support. Sophie struggles to find her place among the situation while Jennifer consults with Dr. Bryce about dealing with the stress of the situation. Patience meets Philip's sister, and back at the clinic a woman and her fiancé contact Dr. Gregory for an abortion as the shooting has no impact on her medical need.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
10-14-2013Mary, Pete, (cameo: Star), (cameo: Glen)
10-15-2013Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, Sophie
10-16-2013Ellie, Aaron
10-17-2013Sophie, Jennifer, Lillian, Radio, (cameo: Philip), (cameo: Patience)
10-18-2013Mary, Pete
10-21-2013Ellie, Aaron
10-22-2013Philip, Patience
10-23-2013Jennifer, Sophie
10-24-2013Aaron, "Parking Enforcement," (cameo: Ellie)
10-25-2013Margot, Ken
10-28-2013Jennifer, Amanda, Philip, Patience
10-29-2013Noah, Aaron, Ben, Ellie
10-30-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot, (cameo: Patience), (cameo: Jennifer), (cameo: Sophie)
10-31-2013Mary, Pete
11-01-2013Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, Sophie, Patience, Amanda, Philip
11-04-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot
11-05-2013Dr. Bryce, Jennifer, (cameo: Philip), (cameo: Sophie)
11-06-2013Mary, Pete
11-07-2013Ben, Ellie, Noah, Aaron
11-08-2013Mary, Pete
11-12-2013Patience, Amanda
11-13-2013Dr. Gregory, Star, Vanessa
11-14-2013Jennifer, Dr. Bryce, (cameo: "Guy"), (cameo: "Woman")
11-15-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot, Ken
11-18-2013Aaron, Ellie
11-19-2013Sophie, Raye, (cameo: Rueben), (cameo: Jessica)
11-20-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot, Ken
11-21-2013Ellie, Aaron
11-22-2013Jennifer, Sophie, Patience, Philip
11-25-2013Dr. Gregory, Vanessa
11-26-2013Patience, Philip
11-27-2013Mary, Pete, Fr. Dante
11-28-2013Jennifer, Lillian
11-29-2013Jessica, Rueben, Raye, Noah, Ben, Aaron, Ellie, Star
12-02-2013Aaron, Star, Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, Philip, Patience, Sophie
12-03-2013Mary, Maggie
12-04-2013Jennifer, Dr. Bryce
12-05-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot, Ken
12-06-2013Dr. Bryce, "Guy," "Woman," Jennifer
12-09-2013Dr. Gregory, Margot, Ken
12-10-2013Jennifer, Patience, "Guy," "Woman"
12-11-2013Sophie, Star
12-12-2013Mary, Raye, Rueben, Jessica, Noah, Ben
12-13-2013Ellie, Aaron, Patience, Philip
12-16-2013Mary, Star
12-17-2013Pete, Dr. Gregory
12-18-2013Star, Mary
12-19-2013Pete, Dr. Gregory
12-20-2013Mary, Star, Patience, Philip, Aaron, Ellie, Sophie

ONE-OFFS #9 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
12-23-2013Maggie, Mary, Gabe
12-24-2013Jennifer, Lillian
12-25-2013Ellie, Sophie
12-26-2013Star, Aaron, Model
12-27-2013Raye, Stagehand, Kristen

SERGEANT FELICIA JONES - An army sergeant finds herself pregnant and visits the clinic while Jen continues to struggle preparing for giving her pregnancy up for adoption, and many of the other staff members evaluate the romantic relationships in which they've found themselves.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
12-30-2013Scotty, June, Adrienne
12-31-2013Jennifer, Adoption Representative
01-01-2014Violet, Star
01-02-2014Adrienne, June, Felicia
01-03-2014Aaron, Ellie
01-06-2014Jennifer, Patience, Dr. Gregory
01-07-2014Sophie, Aaron
01-08-2014Mary, Star
01-09-2014Adrienne, Felicia
01-10-2014Patience, Jennifer
01-13-2014Philip, Aaron, Sophie
01-14-2014Jennifer, Dr. Gregory
01-15-2014Philip, Patience
01-16-2014Adrienne, Felicia
01-17-2014Art, Mary
01-20-2014Philip, Patience
01-21-2014Felicia, Adrienne
01-22-2014Star, Violet
01-23-2014Felicia, Pete, (cameo: Adrienne), (cameo: Nick), (cameo: Nora)
01-24-2014Mary, Art
01-27-2014Felicia, Aaron, Adrienne, Sophie
01-28-2014Philip, Dr. Gregory
01-29-2014Sophie, Felicia, Adrienne, Jennifer, Patience
01-30-2014Mary, Art
01-31-2014Jennifer, Felicia
02-03-2014Mary, Art
02-04-2014Aaron, Pete
02-05-2014Jennifer, Lillian
02-06-2014Adrienne, Felicia
02-07-2014Mary, Star
02-10-2014Ellie, Aaron
02-11-2014Patience, Philip
02-12-2014Ellie, Aaron
02-13-2014Amanda, Scotty, June, Felicia, Adrienne
02-14-2014Mary, Star, Ellie, Aaron
02-17-2014Aaron, Pete, Patience, Dr. Gregory, Sophie, Violet, Star, Jennifer, Felicia
02-18-2014Philip, Mary
02-19-2014Patience, Dr. Gregory
02-20-2014Felicia, Adrienne, Jennifer, Adoption Representative
02-21-2014Philip, Patience

ONE-OFFS #10 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
02-24-2014Mary, Aaron, Star
02-25-2014Jennifer, Lillian
02-26-2014Amanda, Philip, Patience, "Clerk"
02-27-2014Dr. Gregory, Restaurant Patrons
02-28-2014Aaron, Nick, (cameo: Ellie)

ZOE ATKINS - A familiar face to Sophie appears at the clinic with a girlfriend in need of an abortion, making some of the staff question their opinions on sexuality and gender identity. Jennifer is unhappy with the identity of a prospective adoptive parent for her pregnancy, and Patience struggles to get birth control while unemployed.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
03-03-2014Patience, Rob
03-04-2014Aaron, Star
03-05-2014Jennifer, Lillian, (cameo: Adoption Representative)
03-06-2014Philip, Mary
03-07-2014Sophie, Aaron, (cameo: Alex), (cameo: Zoe)
03-10-2014Luke, Patience
03-11-2014Sophie, Alex, Zoe
03-12-2014Jennifer, Lillian
03-14-2014Mary, Zoe
03-17-2014Alex, Sophie
03-18-2014Patience, Dr. Gregory
03-19-2014Philip, Jennifer
03-20-2014Mary, Zoe
03-21-2014Philip, Jennifer
03-24-2014Alex, Sophie
03-25-2014Dr. Gregory, Jennifer
03-26-2014Zoe, Mary, Star
03-27-2014Jennifer, Philip, Patience, (cameo: Luke)
03-28-2014Zoe, Dr. Gregory
03-31-2014Jennifer, Luke, Cindy, Patience
04-01-2014Aaron, Sophie, Ellie
04-02-2014Alex, Zoe
04-03-2014Star, Mary, Sophie
04-04-2014Jennifer, Lillian
04-07-2014Sophie, Pizza Guy
04-08-2014Patience, Bartender
04-09-2014Sophie, Ellie
04-10-2014Mary, Star
04-11-2014Jennifer, (cameo: Adoption Representative), (cameo: Luke), (cameo: Lillian), (cameo: Theresa)
04-14-2014Aaron, Sophie, Alex, Zoe
04-15-2014Dr. Gregory, Philip, Patience, Bartender
04-16-2014Sophie, Alex
04-17-2014Lillian, Jennifer
04-18-2014Star, Sophie
04-21-2014Sophie, Star
04-22-2014Dr. Gregory, Zoe
04-23-2014Mary, Star
04-24-2014Sophie, Ellie, (cameo: Alex), (cameo: Zoe), (cameo: Aaron)
04-25-2014Patience, Jennifer, Philip

ONE-OFFS #11 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
04-28-2014Ellie, Aaron, Mouse, Mousetrap Retailer
04-29-2014Mary, Star
04-30-2014Jennifer, Adoption Representative, Creepy Prospective Parents
05-01-2014Adrienne, Patience
05-02-2014Mary, Pete

CINDY PRESCOTT - Jennifer's father makes a specific request from Jennifer after introducing Jennifer to his girlfriend while she struggles to make the final preparations for her delivery and secure an adoptive family. Meanwhile, Star takes on a more active role at the clinic while, finding Ellie and Aaron unsupportive, Sophie turns to others to uncover answers about her sexuality.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-05-2014Jennifer, Luke
05-06-2014Ellie, Sophie
05-07-2014Dr. Gregory, Star
05-08-2014Lillian, Mary
05-09-2014Jennifer, Luke, Cindy
05-12-2014Sophie, Aaron
05-13-2014Jennifer, Luke, Cindy, Philip
05-14-2014Sophie, Diego
05-15-2014Lillian, Mary
05-16-2014Jennifer, Philip
05-19-2014Star, Mary
05-20-2014Sophie, Diego, (cameo: Barbie)
05-21-2014Jennifer, Lillian
05-22-2014Luke, Cindy
05-23-2014Sophie, Barbie, Diego
05-26-2014Jennifer, Donnie, Connie
05-27-2014Dr. Gregory, Star
05-28-2014Mary, Jennifer
05-29-2014Philip, Luke
05-30-2014Aaron, Sophie
06-02-2014Jennifer, Philip, (cameo: adoption representative)
06-03-2014Luke, Cindy, Mary
06-04-2014Star, Dr. Gregory
06-05-2014Sophie, Aaron
06-06-2014Jennifer, Cindy
06-09-2014Sophie, Barbie
06-10-2014Mary, Jennifer
06-11-2014Ellie, Aaron
06-12-2014Star, Mary
06-13-2014Jennifer, Lillian
06-16-2014Sophie, Barbie
06-17-2014Luke, Cindy
06-18-2014Star, Mary, Philip
06-19-2014Jennifer, Lillian
06-20-2014Cindy, Art
06-23-2014Ellie, Aaron, Star
06-24-2014Luke, Jennifer, Cindy
06-25-2014Sophie, Barbie
06-26-2014Aaron, Ellie, Mary, Star, Philip, Jennifer
06-27-2014Vanessa, Dr. Gregory
06-30-2014Jennifer, Dr. Bryce
07-01-2014Star, Mary
07-02-2014Jennifer, Philip, Cindy
07-03-2014Ellie, Aaron, Sophie, Barbie
07-04-2014Philip, Jennifer, Star, Dr. Gregory, Mary

THE MS. ADVENTURES OF HENNIFER McQUILL: PART TROIS - A week of comics featuring a farm raised chicken and her complex relationship with reproductive rights issues.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-07-2014Hennifer, (cameo: Farmer)
07-08-2014Hennifer, "Maggie," "Nick," "Nora"
07-09-2014Hennifer, Booster Rooster
07-11-2014Hennifer, Booster Rooster

JENNIFER McGILL - After going into labor, Jennifer thinks back about performing the abortion that ultimately killed her sister, Theresa. The rest of the staff split between tending to Jennifer and tending to Dr. Gregory following his heart attack while Luke and Cindy continue to discuss details of their relationship.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
07-14-2014Jennifer, Paul, Theresa, Philip
07-15-2014Star, Mary, (cameo: Dr. Gregory)
07-16-2014Jennifer, Theresa, Philip, (cameo: Paul)
07-17-2014Star, Ellie, Aaron
07-18-2014Jennifer, Paul, Theresa, Philip
07-21-2014Mary, (cameo: Dr. Gregory)
07-22-2014Aaron, Ellie, Star, Jennifer, Philip
07-23-2014Cindy, Luke
07-24-2014Aaron, Ellie, (cameo: EMT)
07-25-2014Jennifer, Star, Philip
07-28-2014Cindy, Luke
07-29-2014Lillian, Jennifer
07-30-2014Mary, EMT, (cameo: Dr. Gregory)
07-31-2014Star, Jennifer, (cameo: Theresa)
08-01-2014Luke, Cindy
08-04-2014Paul, Jennifer, Philip, (cameo: Theresa), (cameo: Lillian)
08-05-2014Ellie, Aaron
08-06-2014Star, Lillian, Jennifer
08-07-2014Dr. Gregory, Vanessa, Mary
08-08-2014Jennifer, Dr. Bryce
08-11-2014Star, Mary
08-12-2014Aaron, Ellie
08-13-2014Luke, Cindy
08-14-2014Paul, Jennifer, (cameo: Philip)
08-15-2014Star, Mary
08-18-2014Jennifer, Lillian
08-19-2014Philip, Star
08-20-2014Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, (cameo: Lillian)
08-22-2014Mary, Pete
08-25-2014Jennifer, Theresa, (cameo: Star), (cameo: Lillian)
08-26-2014Mary, Violet
08-27-2014Luke, Victoria, Maggie, Cindy
08-28-2014Aaron, Ellie, Pete
08-29-2014Star, Jennifer, Lillian
09-01-2014Ellie, Pete, Maggie, Luke
09-02-2014Star, Jennifer, Lillian, Terry, (cameo: Philip)
09-03-2014Ellie, Mary (cameo: Dr. Gregory)
09-04-2014Donnie, Connie, Dr. Bryce
09-05-2014Star, Jennifer, Philip, Theresa, Terry, (cameo: Lillian)

ONE-OFFS #12 - One-off strips featuring the former patients of Volume One.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
09-08-2014Megan, Megan's boyfriend, (cameo: Stephanie), (cameo: Sr. Catherine)
09-09-2014Cora, Nina, (cameo: Jake)
09-15-2014Kristen, Lindsay
09-17-2014Margot, Ken, Brianna, (cameo: Steve)
09-19-2014Raye, Talk Show Host, (cameo: Pamela), (cameo: Felicia), (cameo: Zoe), (cameo: Alex)

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