Meet the Characters:
Clinic Staff:
Dr. Jennifer McGill - A young doctor who began working at the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic shortly after finishing medical school as a means to atone for her sister's death, for which she feels responsible. Pushed towards a medical profession from a young age, her decision to apply that training at an abortion clinic partially serves as an act of rebellion against her conservative upbringing. Though the tragedy of the circumstances surrounding her sister's death have shaped her opinions on why abortion should be legal, she still struggles with many or its moral dilemmas and until recently she felt relieved she had never been faced with an unplanned pregnancy herself.
Dr. Sarah "Star" Cohen - The most senior doctor on staff at the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic behind its founder, Dr. Gregory. This seniority does not equate to maturity as she often starts conflict by loudly declaring her radical viewpoints and unsympathetically crossing other people's boundaries. Openly bisexual, she welcomes all forms of sexual activity and frequently boasts of sexual experiences. Despite her claims of reckless sexual behavior and multiple abortions, no one seems to actually have any proof of her supposed experiences.
Dr. Nathan Gregory - The founder of the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic whose doors he opened shortly after his wife was murdered trying to illegally provide abortions in Nicaragua. Having spent his career as a successful surgeon focused primarily on increasing his finances while his wife did all the charity work, he abruptly changed his practices following her death. Serving as a father figure to most of the staff, he has trouble admitting to them some of the financial difficulties the clinic constantly faces as he allowed his wife to handle most of their finances while she was alive.
Dr. Mary Welsh - An on staff psychologist at Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic with strong religious values despite her occupation. Careful to keep her job a secret from the church-going community, and not wanting to risk her congregation finding out on it's own, Mary largely keeps to herself around the clinic and tries to avoid conflict. Despite her own beliefs about contraception and abortion, she remains impartial at work. Constantly looking for signs that God disapproves of her occupation, she interprets her inability to find any as proof she is doing the right thing.
Philip Brooks - An RN who's known Dr. Gregory since Philip's childhood and remained friends with him after Dr. Gregory split from the hospital where Philip's parents worked to form the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic. Initially intending to become a surgeon like his father, Philip initially completed an undergraduate degree in pre-med before deciding to go to graduate school for hospital administration to help Dr. Gregory as he established his clinic. Dissatified with the lack of patient interaction an administrative position provided him with, he then went to nursing school shortly after completing his graduate degree in hospital administration, and now finally no longer a student, happily works alongside Dr. Gregory at the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic.
Aaron Cohen - Star's younger more conservative brother who works as a security guard at the Dr. Vanessa A. Gregory Planning Center and Women's Clinic. The least educated of the employees, he doesn't feel he has the knowledge to formulate a strong opinion on the issue of abortion and tries to keep an open mind. Wanting to support Star and fiercely protective of her, he generally likes working with her despite her flamboyant personality and outrageous behavior.
Patience White - The clinic's accountant who had an abortion previously. Somewhat uncomfortable with the stigmatization she feels over choosing to have an abortion, she applied for the clinic's accountant position after unfortunate circumstances required her to leave her previous employer as an opportunity to become more comfortable with the decision she made that she strongly believes was the correct choice for her despite her perception of others' judgment of such a choice.

Recurring non-staff:
Ellie Quayle - A young pre-law student at a local college who felt that an intership at an abortion clinic would help her resume. Coming from a conservative background, she hasn't had much experience with many of the situations the clinic faces on a daily basis, but strives to do her best and behave in a professional manner. Always eager to learn, she enjoys her job and the new ideas it's introduced to her.
Luke McGill - Jennifer's father who sacrificed his goals of attending medical school when Lillian got pregnant. Often cold and distant from his children, Jennifer's awareness of his ambition to become a doctor partially influenced her decision to attend medical school.
Dr. Amy Bryce - Jennifer's OB/GYN. After the death of both her parents at a young age she focused very hard at her studies to earn her medical degree and begin consulting with her own patients. She desperately wants children of her own and enjoys helping young mothers.
Lillian Cartwright-McGill - Jennifer's mother who's spent most of her life putting her family's needs ahead of her own. Devastated by the loss of her youngest daughter, Theresa, she became extremely reclusive and still struggles to overcome her grief. She recently began seeing Mary to find the strength to face her emotions.
Sophie Hammond - One of Ellie's best friends. She recently began questioning her sexuality after an experience with another woman.
Pete Smith - A pro-life protestor seen frequently outside the clinic.
Fr. Dante Heller - The priest of Mary's parish.
Rob Mayweather - The ex-boyfriend of one of the clinic's patients. He expressed interest in Ellie after his ex-girlfriend's abortion caused them to break up. He then had an unsuccessful date with Sophie.