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April 3, 2012 - Comic Two: Electric Boogaloo.

Sorry, only get to say that once, so I had to say it. Anyway, here we meet Jennifer and Star, and more importantly tackle the second major theme of the comic after reproductive options, which is comfortability with reproductive organs.

The point of this comic isn't to say that different levels of experimentation are good or bad, but to point out there are different levels of comfort and that's okay.

Recently the media seems to label women with a double standard all-or-nothing approach of stating a woman can either be a prude or a slut and neither is desireable. Personally I don't think it's anyone's business but his or her own to judge his or her own sexual behavior, the only important element is that one is comfortable with himself or herself.

Star is very comfortable giving a vibrator as a gift to a co-worker. Jennifer does not share Star's level of comfort with not only receiving the gift, but also the idea of using the gift. And as long as everyone respects each others boundaries, that's okay. Of course Star being Star, as we'll get to know her, isn't big on offering others respect. But truth be told, we live in the real world. Not everyone's going to agree with you. Not everyone's going to respect you. Regardless of others' feelings, however, we all have within us the power to stand by our personal beliefs.

...not that we always do.

But as I said yesterday, this comic is about individuals and their choices. So take from it as you will.

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