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January 5, 2015 - The next comic will be posted Friday. Just wanted to say this upfront before launching into a lengthy tirade about the hiatus, including why the update schedule is changing, I doubt everyone will read.

If you checked the website at midnight, I didn't quite get this comic finished in time, and posted it with shading still needing to be done on the second half. Kinda figured that may occur when this came in at twice the normal length, and potentially I really should have expanded this into triple length instead.

Mostly I wanted this comic to serve as a bit of a recap of volume one. A couple of the other relevant plot points, such as Dr. Gregory's heart problems and Aaron's and Barbie's respective relationships, will be touched on in other comics during this storyline. But despite the hiatus I'm kinda massively behind in where I want to be having written these scripts, so... we'll see when that happens.

My biggest goal for the hiatus was to apply for grad school, which I barely managed and am super pessimistic about getting in. So if I never mention grad school again, I guess you can assume I did not get in. Other objectives were almost uniformly uncompleted, so with an effort to still try to accomplish these things without further delaying the comic, I've decided to publish updates two days a week until I either a.) manage to make comfortable progress on these other things or b.) build a buffer while neglecting these projects that allows for a more frequent update schedule. Option A currently seems more likely.

To this end updates will be posted Monday and Friday until the end of January when I'll reassess. I will be trying to make some changes to the website in the interim however, so don't be surprised to see changes to the cast bios, header (seems a bit inaccurate to continue showing Jen as pregnant there), and other areas of the site.

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