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January 23, 2015 - Only a day late. Dr. Bryce looks weird when she looks to the right.

Anyway, as I mentioned if you read the blog yesterday I entered this contest with a comic titled "Transform." My entry can be viewed here, and I'd appreciate if you voted for it. The comic's an idea I've had for a while as a means to more directly comment on current events than be beholden to long story arcs like I tend to be with With Fetus. It's vaguely Mork and Mindy in terms of set up, insomuch as it involves a girl and an alien living together, but while Mork and Mindy is decidedly a romance, the character of I Mee is intended to be completely asexual (both in his sexual viewpoints and how his species reproduces) while Olive Yu is a lesbian. I suppose the two could still get together considering I has the ability to shape shift, but that's not really my intention. The rules expressly prohibit entries that involve too much discussion of sex anyway, and as sex isn't really the point of these characters it isn't really presented nor should I talk much about it (though maybe I'm overestimating their boundary). The main point of the comic is to present I as someone completely unaware of his privilege who falsely believes he can experience what it's like to be others by assuming their form, only to have it usually backfire horribly with Olive serving as a character of lived experience being an actual minority in terms of her race, sexual orientation, and gender identity (there's a subtle referrence to her being trans that would probably fly over people's heads had I not said anything to point it out). This in no way ties back to the With Fetus universe what with the shape-shifting extra-terrestrial and characters that actually have ears, but I mention it so you'll maybe vote for it.

On to the comic above. I really wanted to do something discussing transvaginal ultrasounds. With Fetus is set in a state that doesn't mandate their usage as implied by this comic here, but many states do. While the mandate was initially viewed controversially, opposition towards it seems to have waned to apathy with activists choosing to not bother to fight that battle in some instances. At present I believe 12 states effectively have transvaginal ultrasounds in effect (though most avoid the specific "transvaginal" language), and what's perhaps most interesting about how these laws are presented is that they take for granted that while ultrasounds are expected and usually wanted by women intending to deliver their pregnancies, this would not be the case for women intent on abortion. It's mostly just further means to shame women about abortion and/or having sex and has no demonstrated bearing on women altering their decision

I also wanted to do a storyline involving an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies account for roughly 2% of pregnancies, and often the only means of extraction require procedures that are considered abortion and are illegal for hospitals to perform even though the pregnancy is nonviable and affects the health of the mother. With 1 out of 50 pregnant women potentially facing such a situation this is an obvious oversight in abortion law, and how society views the procedure.

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